Venture Management

For enterprise level business, we have unique solutions. Just Call believes that each business has unique needs and goals. We at Just Call provide tailored services for every business as per the target audience.


Any Enterprise needs something unique to be marketed around. We have a system which hammers the brand and services of an Enterprise to a wide range of people where they get very quick and big response (This is our Internal Technique, We call this " Thoughts Uploader "). We do take care of paid promotions as per the need of the Enterprise, however we gaurantee you our internal process will give you results much faster and with a very wide range of customers.


Organic marketing including old S.E.O., technique and our internal build "Planned Branding Handler" Provides you the best results to get known very quickly around all desired locations and elsewhere.


However enterprise solutions are much wider then just promotions over our app and marketing model, we gaurantee we charge you very nominal as per your tailored needs.

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