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Our bidding system is one of the kind for service providers and
also it become more rewarding for most of the times.

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Planning Your Business

We will not only strategize your business for you but also design a
competitive data to test the market.

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Our responsibility is to make you capture the emergent results
of our collaborative efforts.

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Just Call got established as a concept by Jan Asha Employment Resources Limited. Just Call gives an arrangement of services and help organizations/ businesses/ services providers, to get the most appropriate and filtered leads for their activities and operations. Just Call also provide strategic marketing including organic and sponsored marketing over various social media platforms and search engines, we also update the blogs/ feeds/ posts over several blog engines and other websites. We offer an unparalleled administrations particularly for every area prevailing in an organization and customize services according to the client needs. With more than a year of long research, we give our customers sharp result oriented leads, so that every lead will convert into a sale. We work intimately with our customers to grow long and effective connections. Through bleeding edge innovation and adaptable detailing capacities, we convey steady arrangements of incremental business leads.

We make it safe and easy for vendors to pay and register with us, with great administration as it is the core of our business. You can rely upon us for quick, secure and dependable service support. We have customized lead generation system for big giants as well.

We have clients from all over the country , from new companies to major in the field, buyers and businesses. Our administrations run from the specific easy to the most modern customized arrangements.


Security :

Our app has the most secure feature that helps the customers to retain their privacy and vendors to get most appropriate leads.

Let's Understand the Basic Workflow

Basic Workflow of Just Call is to provide the list of vendors to the customer but not the customer information to the vendor. This process protects the data of the cutomer to get spread among many vendors, on the other hand it helps the customers to select a vendor in his /her budget and need. This process increases the chances of a vendor of getting sale on most of the calls, as the customer knows very well what for he is calling.

Begin – as simple as 1-2-3

We comprehend that beginning a business or exchanging installment specialist organizations can be overwhelming. That is the reason our group of specialists is there to help at all times. In the event that you don't know how to begin then simply get the telephone or send us an email and we'll get back to you very soon.

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