Bidding System

Regardless of whether you run a small medium or enterprise level business, few business opportunities are for everyone. Just Call offer you these kind of several opportunities with the surity of escrow payment arrangement. With our bidding system you can bid for the exact need of customer. Just Call has bidding technique of completing the trade where many vendors reach to one customer and according to the selected choice of Customer vendor get the Job.

For Customers

Any customer can initiate the bidding process by simply calling us and telling us the exact needs of his/her project. This would narrow down the search of vendor for the job as well as they get worthy quotations for their exact needs.


As an merchant, you know that bidding on a project after understanding the needs of the customers always includes benefits. If any project is awarded to any Vendor ,we charge 7% Service fee as a mediation between vendor and customer. 93% of the Bid will be awarded to Vendor on successful completion of the Bid Objectives.